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Plasterboard & habito board

plasterboard (gyproc)

The building enterprise has been entertained with a lot of innovative materials and techniques. Gyproc Plasterboard is one of them as it brings strength, aesthetics and flexibility into the building space when used on a smooth and light-weighted board. Premium and top quality, it is insulated on both sides with a grey-coloured board, which makes it best and most ideal for partitions, ceilings, walls, and such other surfaces.

HABITO board

We are not afraid to say it, HAND ANYTHING ON HABITO BOARD. The Habito boards are part of a new generation of products specially designed to give flexibility of loading anywhere on the drywall to utilise space in a fast and functional way. Gyproc Habito boards are strong and durable, have good sound-insulation qualities and are more user friendly than traditional walls. As a result, they are the ideal way to adapt living spaces to current and future needs. Now hand that massive TV or anything with your screw directly on it and go to sleep.

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